Diary Entry, 1 – From Afghanistan to Aotearoa

I couldn’t fully go to sleep even though I was super tired, I could only think about food at that moment, why was it so hot? “Wake up” I heard as I slowly drifted off to sleep, “we have to go, the bus is here.” I immediately got out of bed. I looked around to see darkness with only a hint of moonlight shining through the door cracks. I saw shadows moving around swiftly. I grabbed my bag, snatching the stuff I needed. Clothes, books, maps, toys, food, anything that would help me get through the trip. I zipped up my bag as soon as I finished, dashing out the door and sprinting to my family who had already gone ahead of me. They didn’t seem too distant so I made it easily. Once I had reached them I slowed my pace to speed walk with them. Knowing that I ran to my family, absolutely draining the power out of my legs especially with speed walking, we still couldn’t stop or we’d miss the bus. I was starving, it was somehow very cold, the taste of my morning breath was something I couldn’t bear any longer, I could just smell the danger from a mile away. After walking for what felt like centuries I spotted my only way to freedom “THE BUS” I loudly whispered, suddenly all my senses disappeared, my only focus was the beautiful bus that was going to get my family and I out of this horrendous place. I wanted to run to the bus, I just didn’t want to leave my family behind. 


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