Tag: Ahi Ka

Boy Up A Tree

“As I climb up a tree, high above ground I notice black smoke coming toward me. I look down to find houses getting burnt down, including mine. The smell of smoke flares up my nostrils giving me goosebumps. I listen to the sound of my family arguing, crying, screaming, it’s such a horrid scene down there. I watch as the people who are hurting my family and my home have no remorse in their actions whatsoever. So much rage enters into my body but knowing that I can’t do anything to prevent these fires enrages me even more. The taste of smoke is too much to handle, I’m about to faint. The people burning my house down hadn’t even given us time to take our belongings out, nor had they told us anything about burning our homes. I despise them, they will never be forgiven. I hope they may never have any peace in this world.”