Tag: Alma



I jump everywhere staying cautious of the slippery alleyway full of snow and ice. I notice other people’s names written on a wall. I pick up a piece of chalk lying down on the ground. I write my name on the wall. I drop the chalk gazing at all the other names written on the wall. A squeaky sound comes from behind me, I turn around to find a random doll looking exactly like me. With confusion I walk up to the window wiping the ice trying to get a better look at the doll. I look at my clothes comparing them to what the doll has, they’re exactly the same. I look back up at the doll just to see it has gone from my sight. I look through the window trying to find my twin doll. I suddenly find it in the middle of the shop. I shake the rusty of the old doll shop trying to get in, no luck. With disappointment I stop on the soft snow about to walk away. I decide to make a snowball out of anger and throw it at the shut door. I walk away hearing a door creak open with a bell chiming, I turn to the shop. The door’s opened itself.

I quickly rush back to the old shop pushing the fancy door, I stand at the doorway for a while before stepping inside. Slowly walking across the tiled floors, I look at all the other creepy dolls. I find my look-a-like doll in the middle of the shop. I walk faster trying to reach for the doll. I accidentally step on another toy turning it on. A boy on a bicycle, the squealing noise from the toy lying on the ground damages my ears. I bend down picking up the old toy, putting it up right. I watch as the toy bikes their way to the open door. As it makes its way to the door, it suddenly shuts leaving the toy banging back and forth. I smile while getting back up. I turn to the doll just to see it disappears again. I look under the table, I look up on a shelf, there it is. I climb up on one of the couches shuffling the dolls around me. I bite down on my mitten, taking it off while trying to reach for the toy once again. I touch the nose of the doll. It’s gone black.

I scream wondering what’s happening around me, I get dizzy. Baby dolls with no eyes is all I see. Am I having a nightmare? I’m scared, what’s happening? I open my eyes with shock. It seems as if I’m wearing glasses, everything looks so circular. I look everywhere with only creepy, old dolls staring at me, even though they can’t move. It seems as if I’m not on the ground, why does it look like I’m on the shelf where my look-a-like doll is. Wait, have I become…the doll? Is that why I’m seeing things differently? Is that why I feel stiff? I feel like crying but I can’t. I can hear ticking beside me. It’s so loud, I want to scream so badly, I want to go home. I noticed another doll descending from a shelf where my look-a-like doll had also been displayed. And so the doll stands as it waits for its next victim.