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High Flying Giraffe


White shiny tiles everywhere reflect my amazing self. Giraffe clip clopping through the hallways in rhythm. I smell chlorine? “Eugh yuck,” I murmur to myself. The floor is freezing cold, how can anyone walk on such ice? I notice my friend Harold stopping to look at a white toy hanging on the wall. Harold was always such an odd giraffe. Walking up a spiral ramp the floors are still ice cold, we suddenly stop, ears flapping, tails wagging. A giraffe appears out of nowhere getting lowered down by a swing, how weird. One by one, giraffe starts galloping to a diving board, hopping onto the giraffe’s chin twisting into all sorts of tricks. Waiting for my turn, I gaze at everyone’s tricks whilst giggling at the upside down giraffe. It becomes my turn, a whole bunch of scenarios pop into my head making me overwhelmed.

I gallop towards the diving board, shaking like a human whose about to give a presentation to the whole world. I jump onto the giraffe’s chin then SPLASH! I dive into the water doing such an awesome, unique trick, despite the fact that nearly every giraffe did the same thing before me, let’s also ignore the fact that I nearly drowned. Bubbles surrounding me while I’m suffering with water in my ears, not to mention the water being freezing cold. For a moment I believe I am swimming in the North Pole. Swimming away from where I land so I’m not crushed by all these other wannabe professional divers. I think my stomach just flipped upside down.

I swim to the end of the pool hoping that I won’t drown mid-way. I slowly rise out of the water without hearing anything apart from muffled splashing, my nose is blocked near to the point where I’m close to tears. While recovering from that near death experience Harold is somehow wanting to jump off again, How can one be so daring to do THAT again? I say, “I’m not a daredevil unlike you…bye.” I think again and decide to go once more. Another giraffe descends down on a swing, however he’s hanging in front of the smaller diving board which means I can dive from that board. Up another spiral ramp, I make sure I’m first so everyone, especially Harold, can see how cool I am. I run, doing everything I did the first time, SPLASH! I rise again out of the water with my head spinning around like a wacko. I clip clop on my way to the exit just to find giraffe’s bending down drinking CHLORINE?! Even Harold’s drinking it…I might as well go for it, “BLAH, how can anyone drink this?” I complain, spitting out the water on Harold. I’ll just leave before they do anything crazier.