Tag: War

Peter’s Perspective

I am in absolute disbelief as I listen to the chaos that has been caused at my home. Cries, screams, I can’t stop hearing it. It’s constantly replaying in my mind. Toxic chemicals fill the air as I’m walking non stop, the smell of smoke slowly fading away into the distance. Remembering those people I’ve played with everyday turning into a memory. Witnessing people fall then turning into something that once roamed the Earth. I watch cities fall as I turn my head, houses turning into flames. People are wild, the missiles are still dropping, turning my whole life into dust.

My Treasure

A war has broken out, bombs are exploding houses. I sob as I watch my house fall into bits and pieces. With fear I start thinking about my most valuable possession, “my necklace!” I scream. I search for it, then once I find it, I snatch it into my hand. I feel the presence of my papa right by my side. It’s warm and calm. I know my papa it talking, guiding me to safety and comfort as I find my family, he’s always here with me.