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One of my most recent posts was associated with an article from the NZ Herald, “We’re Going On A Holiday“. The article talks about mothers telling their children their going on a holiday to prevent them from knowing about war. The top half of the table is how I think of when talking about these themes. The lower half is how I think Ukrainian refugees in the article might feel when talking about these types of topics.

Sacrifice, family, hope and kindness 

Role On The Wall

An article from the NZ Herald called “We’re Going On A Holiday” was about mothers from Ukraine fleeing with their children to a safer country. Since the children don’t know what’s going on around them, the mothers told them that they’re going on a holiday to prevent their children from knowing about the war and effecting their lives.

The grey words on the inside represent how I believe the child is feeling and the blue words on the outside tell us why the child is feeling those ways.