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Diary Entry, 2 – From Afghanistan to Aotearoa

Finally on our boat, our only way to a better life. People had already started becoming seasick as soon as the boat left shore. Women and children clearly wanted to leave, we couldn’t do anything about it though. The smell of the salty ocean never leaves me alone to this day. Thunder, waves clashing with rage, everyone on the Palapa starts roughly swinging left to right. Children start screaming, crying, the women start praying asking for forgiveness of their sins, the men supporting their families telling them everything will be ok. We all knew it wasn’t though, the Palapa started breaking apart… too many people on board! Although there was so much ruckus I decided to fall asleep, just to avoid disaster happening in front of my eyes. Though asleep I could still hear the cries of children. I opened my eyes, it’s the next day, we lived, thank goodness. I got up looking outside to see the men putting objects on the floor, it spelt SOS my dad told me. I didn’t know what it meant nor did I bother to ask. Time passed by and finally our saviours came to rescue us. The Tampa with its crew. We boarded onto the Tampa leaving everything behind. We spent 10 days on the Tampa with hopes we would make it to Australia. The news hit us that no country, even Australia, wanted to take us in, we were bad people in their eyes. 

New Zealand on the other hand was willing to take 150 refugees into their country. We were saved.

Diary Entry, 1 – From Afghanistan to Aotearoa

I couldn’t fully go to sleep even though I was super tired, I could only think about food at that moment, why was it so hot? “Wake up” I heard as I slowly drifted off to sleep, “we have to go, the bus is here.” I immediately got out of bed. I looked around to see darkness with only a hint of moonlight shining through the door cracks. I saw shadows moving around swiftly. I grabbed my bag, snatching the stuff I needed. Clothes, books, maps, toys, food, anything that would help me get through the trip. I zipped up my bag as soon as I finished, dashing out the door and sprinting to my family who had already gone ahead of me. They didn’t seem too distant so I made it easily. Once I had reached them I slowed my pace to speed walk with them. Knowing that I ran to my family, absolutely draining the power out of my legs especially with speed walking, we still couldn’t stop or we’d miss the bus. I was starving, it was somehow very cold, the taste of my morning breath was something I couldn’t bear any longer, I could just smell the danger from a mile away. After walking for what felt like centuries I spotted my only way to freedom “THE BUS” I loudly whispered, suddenly all my senses disappeared, my only focus was the beautiful bus that was going to get my family and I out of this horrendous place. I wanted to run to the bus, I just didn’t want to leave my family behind. 




I jump everywhere staying cautious of the slippery alleyway full of snow and ice. I notice other people’s names written on a wall. I pick up a piece of chalk lying down on the ground. I write my name on the wall. I drop the chalk gazing at all the other names written on the wall. A squeaky sound comes from behind me, I turn around to find a random doll looking exactly like me. With confusion I walk up to the window wiping the ice trying to get a better look at the doll. I look at my clothes comparing them to what the doll has, they’re exactly the same. I look back up at the doll just to see it has gone from my sight. I look through the window trying to find my twin doll. I suddenly find it in the middle of the shop. I shake the rusty of the old doll shop trying to get in, no luck. With disappointment I stop on the soft snow about to walk away. I decide to make a snowball out of anger and throw it at the shut door. I walk away hearing a door creak open with a bell chiming, I turn to the shop. The door’s opened itself.

I quickly rush back to the old shop pushing the fancy door, I stand at the doorway for a while before stepping inside. Slowly walking across the tiled floors, I look at all the other creepy dolls. I find my look-a-like doll in the middle of the shop. I walk faster trying to reach for the doll. I accidentally step on another toy turning it on. A boy on a bicycle, the squealing noise from the toy lying on the ground damages my ears. I bend down picking up the old toy, putting it up right. I watch as the toy bikes their way to the open door. As it makes its way to the door, it suddenly shuts leaving the toy banging back and forth. I smile while getting back up. I turn to the doll just to see it disappears again. I look under the table, I look up on a shelf, there it is. I climb up on one of the couches shuffling the dolls around me. I bite down on my mitten, taking it off while trying to reach for the toy once again. I touch the nose of the doll. It’s gone black.

I scream wondering what’s happening around me, I get dizzy. Baby dolls with no eyes is all I see. Am I having a nightmare? I’m scared, what’s happening? I open my eyes with shock. It seems as if I’m wearing glasses, everything looks so circular. I look everywhere with only creepy, old dolls staring at me, even though they can’t move. It seems as if I’m not on the ground, why does it look like I’m on the shelf where my look-a-like doll is. Wait, have I become…the doll? Is that why I’m seeing things differently? Is that why I feel stiff? I feel like crying but I can’t. I can hear ticking beside me. It’s so loud, I want to scream so badly, I want to go home. I noticed another doll descending from a shelf where my look-a-like doll had also been displayed. And so the doll stands as it waits for its next victim.

High Flying Giraffe


White shiny tiles everywhere reflect my amazing self. Giraffe clip clopping through the hallways in rhythm. I smell chlorine? “Eugh yuck,” I murmur to myself. The floor is freezing cold, how can anyone walk on such ice? I notice my friend Harold stopping to look at a white toy hanging on the wall. Harold was always such an odd giraffe. Walking up a spiral ramp the floors are still ice cold, we suddenly stop, ears flapping, tails wagging. A giraffe appears out of nowhere getting lowered down by a swing, how weird. One by one, giraffe starts galloping to a diving board, hopping onto the giraffe’s chin twisting into all sorts of tricks. Waiting for my turn, I gaze at everyone’s tricks whilst giggling at the upside down giraffe. It becomes my turn, a whole bunch of scenarios pop into my head making me overwhelmed.

I gallop towards the diving board, shaking like a human whose about to give a presentation to the whole world. I jump onto the giraffe’s chin then SPLASH! I dive into the water doing such an awesome, unique trick, despite the fact that nearly every giraffe did the same thing before me, let’s also ignore the fact that I nearly drowned. Bubbles surrounding me while I’m suffering with water in my ears, not to mention the water being freezing cold. For a moment I believe I am swimming in the North Pole. Swimming away from where I land so I’m not crushed by all these other wannabe professional divers. I think my stomach just flipped upside down.

I swim to the end of the pool hoping that I won’t drown mid-way. I slowly rise out of the water without hearing anything apart from muffled splashing, my nose is blocked near to the point where I’m close to tears. While recovering from that near death experience Harold is somehow wanting to jump off again, How can one be so daring to do THAT again? I say, “I’m not a daredevil unlike you…bye.” I think again and decide to go once more. Another giraffe descends down on a swing, however he’s hanging in front of the smaller diving board which means I can dive from that board. Up another spiral ramp, I make sure I’m first so everyone, especially Harold, can see how cool I am. I run, doing everything I did the first time, SPLASH! I rise again out of the water with my head spinning around like a wacko. I clip clop on my way to the exit just to find giraffe’s bending down drinking CHLORINE?! Even Harold’s drinking it…I might as well go for it, “BLAH, how can anyone drink this?” I complain, spitting out the water on Harold. I’ll just leave before they do anything crazier.

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