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Perspective: Describing Peter’s Journey

Starting off with our 2 freeze frames we enacted Peter’s walk, to him resting peacefully. From those freeze frames we made a vocab list describing  the walk, the feelings felt and the horrific moments they encountered . Only 15 minutes were given for us to write Peter’s perspective about his journey.


“I’m feeling numb, I’ve been walking for hours, my lips are getting dryer, I’m weak. Who in the world knows where we’re going? I’m sure we’re lost. It’s freezing cold, I’m going to drop soon. Boom! The only thing I’ve heard this whole day. I’m too exhausted to even be bothered. People at the back look terrified while those in the front look fearless, they’re probably more scared then us. I need to eat, I’m dying, I need to drink, my body’s going to burst. Did nobody pack any food? Who cares. I’m going to die soon anyways, why should I even be bothered anymore? I’ll just go lie down freezing to death. Everyone else can keep staying hopeful.”